My wellness journey and yours…

I wasn’t always into ‘wellness’

Funnily enough, this idea of really looking after myself (beyond knowing I probably shouldn’t eat the whole packet of biscuits and I should do some exercise) came quite a bit later in my life. Mainly when I was drained from the more adulting parts of life, like bills, work, trying desperately to have babies, and then being overwhelmed and exhausted when I was lucky enough to have them.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that a focus on my own personal wellness is not optional. It makes me a better mum, wife, daughter, sister and friend. It makes me calmer and more focused. It simply makes me a happier person – and I do recognise it takes a lot to achieve that whilst avoiding the very common feelings of guilt associated with taking some ‘you time’. 

Through my work and the therapies I provide, I’ve learnt that I can share that with other people. There are definitely tools and techniques at your disposal to help with the normal stresses of life. There are things that you can do, to make yourself feel loved, by you. 

If you were to come to me for a Pilates session for example, one to one or in a group, then you would spend some time connecting to your body and developing strength and confidence in it. Healing and preventing against injury and have some real headspace and you time. 

You could come to me for a massage, either for pure relaxation and stress relief, or for a specific injury you’ve sustained or hope to avoid. Massage is such a healing practice, restoring blood and oxygen to the muscles, releasing tension and encouraging movement. What’s wrong with thanking your body and giving it that level of appreciation and love? Absolutely nothing, I say. It carries you round all day, every day. It’s likely feeling quite tired and could do with some attention. 

Or you could come and experience some mindful meditation; a chance to focus your wandering thoughts and calm your mind. To feel safe and to allow yourself to just be ok, in the moment, away from all the craziness that often surrounds us. It’s enlightening when you start paying attention to what is. Rather than to what was and what might be. 

These are the tools that I’ve found have worked for me and for many of my clients. I would love to share them with you too. 

Yvette xx