Massage therapy services

Massage therapy is a vital tool that can minimise knots and inflammation and keep your muscles relaxed and limber. It can reduce/prevent muscle pain and soreness, help to repair injured tissues, increase flexibility and range of movement in your joints, increase blood flow and decrease tension, encourage relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. There are so many benefits that it’s truly hard to list them all.

With my training as a Sports massage therapist (level 4) I am also qualified to help you with injury management. So, alongside massage, we may find you also need me to help with assisted stretching, or with some referred pain we need to address, that you need to commit to some rehabilitation exercises that I can prescribe – depending on what you want and need from your appointment with me, is where we can decipher exactly how I can help you.

Details of each type of massage can be seen below – however I do treat every client as an individual. There is no ‘set routine’ – I will listen to what your needs are, we can discuss them and go from there. 

Sports Massage Therapy

For athletes and non-athletes alike, for a specific injury and to help prevent injury; sports massage therapy helps to alleviate pain and discomfort and improve performance. There seems to be a common misconception that Sports massage is 'supposed' to be very painful to be effective. This is incorrect. The level of pressure and varying techniques used in this form of massage may indeed be quite deep and there may be some level of discomfort... but this is very different from pain. Treatment can include various forms of massage therapy such as deep tissue massage, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, PNF/PIR stretching, trigger point therapy, rehab exercises. The list goes on…. I always work with my clients to understand their individual requirements, so they can get the most benefit from each treatment.

Deep tissue & Trigger point therapy massage

Using deeper strokes and harder, sometimes sustained pressure, deep tissue massage reaches the deeper layers of muscles and fascia in your body. Trigger points are sore painful spots of tension found within muscles and by targeting them through massage, we can help to work them out and reduce any associated pain. Together these forms of massage help to treat muscle pain and improve stiffness. They are also known to encourage a deep feeling of relaxation, helping with both physical and mental stress relief.

Indian Head Massage

This wonderful treatment covers the head, neck, shoulders and upper back. If you choose to add oils, it's a wonderful treatment for your hair too. Indian Head massages are known to be good for: - relieving migraines - promoting hair growth - Stimulating lymphatic drainage - relieving insomnia and fatigue - relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety - Renewing energy levels - Boosting mental capabilities. And to top to all off, they just feel plain amaaaaaazing 🙂

Chair massage

A chair massage is an oil free treatment with the client remaining fully clothed at all times. Clients are provided with a 15 or 20 minute seated massage on an ergonomically designed portable chair, concentrating on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. This type pf massage integrates Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point techniques to help relieve the most common areas of stress. These massages are excellent for a working environment as they are a short but effective way to de-stress and revitalise the individual.

Swedish massage

A Swedish massage can be both relaxing and energising; it's a gentler form of full body massage, suited well to people looking for relaxation and overall tension relief.

Myofascial release massage therapy

Myofascial release involves placing sustained pressure on the connective tissue that surrounds your muscle and joints. It helps to increase blood flow and helps to release muscle tightness, encouraging a greater range of movement in areas that have become restricted.